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How to know about the viscosity of HPMC(hypromellose)?

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How to know about the viscosity of HPMC(hypromellose)?

Viscosity test methods Because hypromellose solution is a non-newtonian solution and exhibits pseudoplastic, more specifically, thixotropic behavior, various test methods are available, and the results of different methods and viscosmeters do not necessarily correspond to each other. Also, due to viscometer acceptable ranges of error, viscosity is typically given as a mean, or as a range. Typical viscosity test will specify the following: Solution concentration (1%, 2%, 1.9% bone dry, etc.) Viscometer (Brookfield LV or RV, Höppler falling ball, Haake Rotovisco, etc.) Viscometer spindle number (1 ~ 4 for Brookfield LV, 1 ~ 7 for Brookfield RV, etc.) Solution Temperature (20 °C, 25 °C, etc.)

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