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The secrets of polyvinyl alcohol printing paper

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The secrets of polyvinyl alcohol printing paper

Coated paper, has many kinds of adhesive, good quality photo paper need strong viscosity, good hydrophilicity and use can reduce the dosage of adhesive coating. Most manufacturers use polyvinyl alcohol this kind of material. And hydrophilic because most of the photos of ink-jet printing products use more for water-soluble dye ink, ink and many private acid dyes and direct dyes anion dye. Dyes easily when frankincense wetting by water erosion, water resistance, after adding cationic polymer coatings, cationic anionic dye contact can generate insoluble in who is complex, so as to improve the water resistance of the printed image, because this kind of complexing dye fixation on paper, but also improve the concentration of the image. China poly (vinyl alcohol) industrial production increased year by year

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