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Introduce for our pva0599

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Polyvinyl Alcohol 0599

Polyvinyl alcohol is a few kind of synthetic with water soluble high-molecular polymer. The main specification includes degree of polymerization & alcoholysis degree with other special performance. Polyvinyl Alcohol is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl acetate in methanol solvent, then undergoing alcoholysis via advanced belt-process of low-alkali. After grinding, drying and packing, the end PVA products are achieved.

Performance index







Viscosity mpa.s




Ash (%)


pH value


Purity (%)


Main Applications:

   KP series can be widely used dry powder, powder putty, dry-mixed mortar, oilfield auxiliary chemical, in powder building materialscaking agent&bond of plastering anhydrite. Especially suitable to be used as interior & exterior wall putty and construction mortar, the main function is bonding, improving the flexility, water-retaining property, reducing friction, enhancing the work efficiency and quality(to prevent the crack &fall off from the floated coat, add adhesive strength and smooth texture).

Package & storage transportation

Packing: kraft paper package with plastic film inside, 20kg&25kg per bag.

Store: KP line products should be stock indoor where is dry& well-ventilated, room temperature is 5-30, Stored in batches. do not near the power, prevent humid, avoid sun exposure. strictly prohibit storage with volatile chemicals to prevent adsorption modification.

Transportation: when transport KP line products should use clean vehicles and avoid moisture, rain, sun and carry gently to prevent damage.

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