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Development of polyvinyl alcohol

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Development of polyvinyl alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol is an important production of chemical raw materials, the chemical industry in our country because are good for the fine features, such as water soluble polyvinyl alcohol has become the main consumer market of consumers, shanghai kaidu-dimensional polyvinyl alcohol products performance is good, stable quality, especially in shanghai kaidu-dimensional production pva water-soluble is wonderful, can mix with water dissolved in cold water, dissolves can directly as adhesive paste paper, composite packaging, etc., so the polyvinyl alcohol is widely used, so in recent years the polyvinyl alcohol market? Development trend? Please see below detail: poly (vinyl alcohol) in China in the past long-term whalen as the main target consumer market, in recent years with whalen consumption relative to atrophy and purpose to develop, the fiber application get rapid development. Looking forward to the future, pva fiber industry applications, such as adhesive, paper strengthening agent, polymer additives, etc., there is a growing demand.

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