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  • Product Name: polyvinyl alcohol fiber
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  • Published: 2013-08-09
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PP monofilament is also named as pp mini-fiber,is produced by referring for high advanced technology for fiber-spinning, modified by adding functional additive and special surface-treating.Mixing into cement concrete,it has many advantages such as good dispersing,better water affinity,and strong linking force.It is suited to reinforce and crack-resist to every kinds of cement concrete and mortar,specially used in engineering of building surface.floor,wall,etc. The main application fields of polypropylene fiber are cement mortar, insulating mortar, putty powder. 1. Immensely improve crack-resistant capacity of mortar 2. Immensely improve water-proof and impervious capacity of mortar 3. Improve anti-force capacity and anti-knock capacity Package: 20KG per bag. The products should be store indoor where is dry & well-ventilated, and prevent humid, avoid sun exposure.

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