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  • Published: 2013-01-21
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PVB Polyvinyl butyral


1.Product description

Polyvinyl butyral a kind of high-molecular polymer through the condensation reaction,PVA and butanal as raw material, hydrochloric acid as catalysis.It’s chemical name is Polyvinyl Butyral Resin,short for PVB. It not only has high transparency, good light resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, film properties and impact resistance performance,but also has a good bonding performance for Glass, metal, wood, ceramics, leather, fiber, etc.It has been widely applied in the industrial sector,such as the film in the middle of safety glass, Porcelain stained paper, Metal protection primer, tipping paper, Aluminum foil paper,Insulating paint,Fiber treating agent,printing ink,dye,man-made sponge,etc. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, and adhesive force, without impurities, high transparency and so on.


A series PVA resin


Project, index, model









White or light yellow powder,No visible impurities

Volatil %


Viscosity S(Coat - 1 viscometer method)










Polyvinyl butyl aldehyde group,%




Ash  %


B series PVA resin

Project, index, model







White or light yellow powder,No visible impurities



Viscosity S(Coat - 1 viscometer method)






HCI  %


Polyvinyl butyl aldehyde group,%


Ash  %







Note: WW-B-10WW-B-20WW-B-30 Viscosity measurement solution's mass fraction is 10%;WW-B-40WW-B-50 Viscosity measurement solution's mass fraction is 5%

C series PVA resin


Project, index, model



White or light yellow powder,No visible impurities





HCI  %



95439mm Spectrophotometer wavelength

98660mm Spectrophotometer wavelength

3.Applicable fields

(1) Transfer printing
PVB (aleurone) is the best bonding agent in transfer printing paper raw material ink, because of it is non-toxic, tasteless, high transparency, good gloss and strong tensile force, Prevent sun exposure, aging resistance is strong, at the same time, It has a good solubility with alcohol and dye, Uniform degree of polymerization,ect. it has become the indispensable raw materials in the transfer printing paper production process. Before the printing products, the user according to the concentration of the ink,add methanol, isobutanol, paste(PVB methanol solution),ect. to modulate suitable printing ink.

(2)Copper-clad plate
PVB and phenolic resin mixed use can produce the best copper foil adhesive to make paper base copper-clad plate.

PVA has a strong adhesive property,so it can be made into all kind of adhesive.

a. Bonding glass: because PVB high adhesive force, proper elasticity and plasticity, so it can be used for bonding glass.

b. bonding metal: mixed PVB and phenolic resin, it will made into different type of acetal phenolic glue, it can be used in all kinds of metal bonding.

c.bonding enameled wire coil,coating the PVB solution on the coil,after heating,the coil will be adhesive,

d. heat sealing adhesive: PVB mixed with natural resin, synthetic resin and plasticizer, can be used as heat sealing property adhesive.

e. Transfer trademark bonding agent: PVB can be used as ceramic transfer trademark adhesive, the finished ceramic’s color is bright and feel smooth.It has been widely used as ceramic stained paper resin. In addition, it also can be used for textile transfer trademark.

f. bonding film: PVB mixed with other synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and plasticizer, can be used as cloth and cloth or other material heating adhesive.

g. pressure sensitive adhesive:it can be used as the adhesive materials of cellophane tape, polyethylene adhesive tape and other pressure sensitive type adhesive tape

h. feather adhesive: used for feather bonding, which are widely used in badminton production.

i. other adhesive: can be used as the meterial of non-woven fabrics adhesive, electrostatic flocking adhesive and leather adhesive.

4, ceramic (enamel) stained paper, Make the PVB become 12%-14% ethanol solution, then make the solution become the film,it can instead of ceramic (enamel) stained paper after printing, the finished ceramic’s color is bright and feel smooth.the ceramic stained paper with decorative pattern is wet, adhere to the surface of the ceramic and textiles and then tore away. Design is printed on the surface.

5, concave, relief printing ink, PVB resin can produce alcohol soluble ink ,avirulent and harmless, environmental protection, It is in line with the national food packaging safety standards.PVB and pigment, solvent (alcohol, ester), additives can produce high-grade high speed printing ink, such as transfer ink, food packaging printing ink, metal inks, ink color piece, tipping paper printing ink, etc.

6.inkjet ink.PBA is one of the best binding material of inkjet ink,because it has low viscosity,
Good mobility,strong adhesion and high solid content.

7. silk-screen ink,PVB is the best binding material of producing silk-screen ink. This product is non-toxic and tasteless, product long-term storage can guarantee the stability of the ink viscosity, strong adhesion, and can prevent ultraviolet effect, ensure their content color long time stability, there is no lack of color, no color fading.

8.aluminum foil paper. PVB solution daub on the metal foil paper, can improve the strength of the foil and moisture resistance, and products can be complete packaged only through heat sealing, it can be used for wrapping food such as chocolate, biscuit and other food, instruments and medicine, photographic parts automatic packaging, environmental protection and safety.

9、Moistureproof insulation paste, In order to avoid damp air affect the product,people use low moisture permeability material or non- moisture permeability material to isolate the products and damp air. Therefore, when the products need Moisture-proof packaging,people can use plastic coating. The raw material PVB (thermosetting plastics) soluble in ethanol, then use rubber roller coating and stoving it.

10, resin grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel is mainly through the PVB modified phenolic resin, change the brittleness, improve the plasticity of the resin, which makes the molding is easy, reinforced resin adhesion. My company provide various specifications of PVB resin.

11. glass valve. Made PVB and phenolic resin into glue, glass fibre soaked in the glue,the glass fiber will become the raw material of glass fiber reinforced plastic when it is dry.

12、Copper foil adhesive, mixed PVB and phenolic resin can produce copper foil adhesive,this adhesive used to bond sheetmetal and other material,good performance, cohesiveness and insulativity.


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